Bettee Andrews Dental Hygiene Scholarship

Established by Bettee Andrews, of Denton County, Texas. The purpose of the fund is to provide a stream of income to support scholarships for students whose majors are within the Dental Hygiene Program. The recipient shall be a junior dental hygiene major and shall be selected by the scholarship committee in the Department of Dental Hygiene. The committee shall also select a recipient based on high academic performance.

• Application Dates – Opens July 1, Closes March 1
• Awarding Department – Dental Hygiene
• Department Contact –
• Level – Undergraduate
• Classification – Junior
• Major – Dental Hygiene
• Minimum Cumulative GPA – typically 3.0 for UG
• Minimum Enrollment Requirement – typically 12 credit hours UG
• Minimum Total Credit Hours Earned – Must be a Junior
• Renewability – Scholarship may be renewed if all requirements are met.
FAFSA – Not required.
• Other – Post-Acceptance responses must be completed before funds will be transmitted.