Dr. Carolyn S. Gunning Endowed Scholarship (Dallas Nursing)

The Carolyn S. Gunning Scholarship Endowment Fund was established to provide a stream of income to support scholarships for students in the Dallas and Houston Nursing programs. A minimum of $1000 is to be awarded, and multiple awards can be made if there is sufficient income in the distribution accounts. Awards will alternate between campuses (Houston on odd years and Dallas/Denton on even years). Selection of the recipients will be made by the Nursing Scholarship Committee.

• Application Dates – Opens July 1, Closes March 1
• Awarding Department – Nursing
• Department Contact – nursing@twu.edu
• Level – Undergraduate
• Classification – Senior (apply during Junior year to receive award in Senior year)
• Major – Nursing
• Minimum Cumulative GPA – 3.0
• Minimum Enrollment Requirement – 12 credit hours
• Minimum Total Credit Hours Earned – N/A
• Renewability – Non-renewable
FAFSA – Recommended, not required
• Other – Upload most recent transcript, letter of recommendation from TWU, and current resume/CV showing leadership potential
– Submission of Post Acceptance responses within the deadline (scholarship will not disburse until this is completed)

Supplemental Questions
  1. REQUIRED - Please upload your most recent transcript.
  2. Recommendation Letter: Please submit the name and email address of a TWU faculty member who could submit a recommendation letter on your behalf
  3. Please upload a resume showing all leadership experience, volunteerism, work experience and any other pertinent information.