Edith & Edgar Deen Literary Scholarship (ESFL)

The Edith and Edgar Deen Endowed Communication Scholarship was established in honor of Mrs. Deen an alumnae and member of the TWU Board of Regents and her husband, Edgar Deen, Mayor of Fort Worth and ardent TWU supporter. This scholarship will provide a stream of support for a full time, female ESFL student based on application and writing samples. Manuscripts of appropriate lenght must be submitted in one of th following categories: 1) Short Story; 2) Novel – Ourtline and one chapter for a novella or full-lenght novel; 3) Poetry – Three short lyrics (100 lines or fewer altogether) or one longger poem of at least 100 lines; 4) Expository prose or critical essay; 5)Drama – One-act play or one act of a full-length play accompanied by an outline of the full play; 6) Detailed script for documentary or drama for radio or television. This scholarship can be awarded to undergraduate or graduate students. Selection is made by the ESFL Scholarship Committee.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please upload your completed ESFL scholarship application. Click here to access the form.
  2. Please indicate which manuscript you will be uploading.
  3. Please upload manuscript of appropriate length selected from the above list.
  4. Please click the attached link to see the ESFL Scholarship Descriptions and the information needed to complete each scholarship application. Click here. This is only for informational purposes for each scholarship, its criteria and the necessary information to complete each application.