Bruce Family Scholarship (ESFL)

Bruce Family Memorial Endowment is designated for graduate students in the ESFL department who are native Texas (born in Texas) and who are studying American literature, the scholarship may be renewed yearly. Applicants must fill out the additional form and submit writing sample related to the study of American literature. Awards will be decided according to the number of qualification of those in the applicant pool and may be applied to living expenses as well as tuition, fees, and books. May be renewed, with application, providing the applicant is making satisfactory progress.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please upload a paper of at least ten (10) pages on American literature (following regular instructions for blind submission)
  2. Please upload your completed Bruce Family scholarship application. Click here to access the form.
  3. This scholarship will be awarded annually to the graduate students in ESFL department who are studying American literature, and are native Texans (born in Texas). Applicants must fill out the additional form and submit writing sample. Follow the instructions on the Checklist in the ESFL Scholarship Descriptions for instructions on paper formats.
  4. Please click the attached link to see the ESFL Scholarship Descriptions and the information needed to complete each scholarship application. Click here. This is only for informational purposes for each scholarship, its criteria and the necessary information to complete each application.