Barbara Yow Williams

Barbara Yow Williams

Ashlyn Pedroza created the Williams Yellow Brick Road Scholarship in memory of her teacher, Barbara Yow Williams (April 14, 1958 – August 8, 2021)

The purpose of this scholarship is to mirror the acts of B.J. Williams.
Mrs. Williams will forever be an idol teacher in the eyes of Crowley ISD and will forever be remembered for her selfless heart in the minds of her students. B.J. was also known for her decked-out classroom; she was obsessed with the Wizard of Oz, which fits what she stands for.

B.J. Williams was indeed a Sycamore Superstar; she saw potential in all her students despite their life obstacles, learning disabilities, economic challenges, and any other scenario that deems challenging.

Mrs. Williams’s life revolved around her students, her student’s success was her joy. Mrs. Williams was the type of teacher that once she latched her heart into you, it would be nearly impossible to escape from her. Take Ashlyn, for example; Mrs. William’s only job was to teach her for fifth and sixth grade, and even after Ashlyn’s grade school, she couldn’t resist teaching her for a lifetime and more. Ashlyn endured a lot of life obstacles, and her success story wouldn’t have been established without the guidance of a lifetime mentor such as Mrs. Williams.

Because B.J. Williams taught many lessons for many years in Crowley ISD and Ashlyn managed to obtain her high school diploma in Crowley ISD, This scholarship is for the next student coming from Crowley ISD who is eager to be the next pioneer. This scholarship is intended to provide hope for future pioneers ready to conquer the world. The funding will help a first-year underrepresented student pursue her education despite challenges. Accepting this scholarship also comes with Ashlyn being open to mentor.

To target the student that is most in need of this scholarship, it is required to write a 250-page essay describing your life challenges, how attending TWU will help you overcome these challenges, and what you aspire to do for your future and the community.

Mrs. William’s motto was, " No challenge is more significant than your endurance."